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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. another shake up at the oakland police department. the mayor is promising to root out toxic macho culture. >> i'm here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> oakland's acting police chief is out after two days on the job, there's another
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scandal. good evening, oakland has seen three police chiefs in one week. all gone as the department investigates allegations of sexual exploitation. chief went was replaced by chief farrow. now paul figueroa is out as acting chief after he initiated the change. libby wants civilian over site on pointing -- appointing sabrina. now there's word of another scandal. investigation of racist text messages sent by black police officer. outside opd headquarters with
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the developments. >> the mayor was angry, she could not disclose how many officers were involved in the racist text messages, paul figueroa does not appear to be involved, but he will be demoted if he decides to return from leave. the mayor condemned the oakland police department. >> i'm here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> the mayor was putting the city administer in charge. >> to root out a toxic macho culture. >> the mayor announced that paul figueroa is resigning. >> he's gone on leave and asked to return as is his right in the position of captain. >> the mayor announced another
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scandal. >> we're close to the end of an investigation of racist text messages, we think it's relevant to share the text messages were sent by african- american officers, but they are wholly inappropriate, and not acceptable from anyone who wears the badge of an oakland police department. >> she learned about the text messages last week, one person has been placed on leave. >> i want to assure the citizen of oakland, that we are hellbent on rooting out this disgusting culture. >> police personnel and discipline decisions will be referred to the city administer. >> i have been overseeing the day-to-day, both the police chief and fire chief have been reporting to me. that structure does not change.
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>> city council members expressed their frustration. >> i'm stunned how little information we are provided. >> the council members and mayor emphasize the support for members in the uniform that had serving. >> the men and women who serve honorably that they know we're here to support them and making this a strong department. >> the mayor has no plans light now to appoint another interim chief. >> the oakland police department has been on oversite for 13 years, did the judge have any role in the changes? >> the mayor said that all the decisions were initiated by city officials but they did go
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to the judge and get approval to make the changes. the judge agreed to put monitoring teams in the audit. there will be more involve but at this point it doesn't look like they are running the show, a lot of this is coming from the city officials. protesters are out 'n about raged over the -- outraged over the texting. >> two protesting went up flag poles and hung auduboner. they passed out flyers with pictures of ousts police chief.
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the protesters are upset over the sex exploitation scandals. three officers had sex with a girl while she was underage. the protesters want the names of all involved officers. >> the message is that opd is rotten to the core. we're disgusted with the sexual abuse scandal. >> it shouldn't be tolerated from anyone. >> there's a blank space on the wall in the police headquarters where ben farrow's picture had been. the city wants someone from the outside to be top cop. sylvia says her group works with police to get teen prostitutes off the street but won't let officers handle it.
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>> we have to proceed and go forward and let the girls know we're here for them and there's good cops. >> i've confirmed another oakland police miss conduct can case -- case. a veteran homicide sergeant is on leave for giving his girlfriend access to police documents so she could do his paperwork. this sergeant is on leave and there's a criminal investigation, outside investigator is handling the probe. >> another black eye to police department and we have a lot of work to do in terms of regaining trust, for me it's disappointing that one issue after another. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll keep you up to minute on the fast moving developments.
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now to a protest at city hall as the mayor was preparing to differ her remarks this evening. dozens of demonstrators tried to send a message to the mayor. debra, the protesters say with the police department in turmoil other city business is neglected. >> this is about housing, high rent and evictions, it's a huge issue. and critics don't want it overshadowed. >> mayor shaft was behind closed doors dealing with her cop crisis as department straighters called her out, they arrived on a flatbed truck. a coalition who have been holding protests all week.
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their issue the housing crisis sidelined by a sex scandal. blaming the tech boom for driving rent up. in the crowd a teacher who's been priced out and a city sewer worker. >> it's hard, i can't afford to go on my own, i'm living with family. >> without city action, more people will end up on the streets. many of them seniors. a development approved on this lot will offer a mix of affordable and high end units. >> this makes the east coast cronyism look penny any. they look like liberals and
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acting like mobsters. they are preaching to themselves. >> we don't have time the wait and let them do the police investigations and all that stuff. this time is now for us. >> affordable housing may be on the backburner for now. >> we're not going on stop, we're going on push forward. we need housing now. there's a thousand evictions in oakland every month. >> the mayor has a working group on housing and plans to add thousands more rental units and protecting to existing ones. it requires a bond measure and changes in city and state law. it's not made easier by the distractions at city hall. coming up, do you recognize this man. he's a stabbing suspect caught
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on surveillance video. the unprovoked attack on a sun suspecting victim. it's mid-june, rain showers, across the bay area. . and the nba finals coming down to 1 game. game 7 at oracle arena sunday, and fans have big expectations for the warriors, they don't want to be the first team to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals. ♪ ♪
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. the warriors and cavaliers heading to a showdown. game 7 of the nba finals. amber lee is here now. you've been talking to sports talk radio and fans. >> there's high an excite among warrior fans. the game is at home and the advantage goes to the warriors. >> curry finds an opening. drills a 3 pointer. >> game 7 has the ingredients for epic drama. >> it's an oprah, it's a play. we've arrived at game 7. >> ray woodson says lebron james one of the all-time greats is trying to lead the cavaliers to their first sports
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championship since 1964. >> lebron smells the trophy, he's been unstoppable of late. >> for the warriors, steph curry is changing the way the game is played. klay thompson. draymond green and company are in the midst of a historic season. they are built for the future. >> it validated the 73-9 record season. if they lose the game people will forget about that. >> despite the disappointing loss of the game six, expectations are high. >> i think the warriors will bounce back, they are 73-9 for a reason. >> i think they will come back and they will be so mad because of all that went down last night, they will come back strong. >> no more excuses, you perform
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or you don't. >> woodson said home-court advantage could be key. >> they needed it against oklahoma city, they will need it sunday. that edge that puts them over the top. they don't want to be the first team in history to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals. >> most people believe the warriors will win, but i'm sure we'd get a different answer in cleveland. >> you've been to a couple playoff games, you know how loud it is. >> let's hope it makes a difference. i'm a lot of people will watch on sunday, emotions are sure to be running high. in oakland warrior pride on display throughout the city. people are concerned there could be problems after the game whether the team wins or
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looses. >> the warriors are putting oakland back on the map in a positive way. i don't think the fans will be violent. >> it's safe to sell great, if something happens we're prepared. >> celebrations were peaceful haas year. but the warriors were playing in cleveland when they won. today the acting governor of the state of rio de janeiro declared a state of financial disaster requesting $900 million in emergency funds for health care, security entrance it. the state -- transit. they committed to build a rail line to the park. the summer olympics will open in seven weeks. now to orlando, some of the 49 victims from the massacre
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are being buried. we're learning new details about the killers past and what he did in the months leading up to the attack. >> after being shot three times by the killer at pulse nightclub, angel doll on -- colon wanted to thank the police officer who saved him. >> i wanted to see the man that took me out of the horrible place that was filled with craziness, i was happy, i was so happy. >> omar delgado was one of first responders who entered while there was an active shooter. >> you only get one life, i'm glad he can be with his family and continue living his life, because we all assisted him in getting him out. >> six victims remain in
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critical condition, across orlando backhoes are digging graves, three at greenwood where the city waved the plot fee and the filing fee. local merchants are donating flowers and limo services. new details continue to emerge about the killer. he texted his wife and asked if she had seen the news. she's yet to be charged with a crime. weeks before the attack the killer tried to buy body armor, from a florida gun shop, with 1000 rounds of ammunition. the gun shop refused. >> our intuition was correct, it's very sad that we had him that close. that close that law enforcement
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could have gotten their hands on him. >> the gun shop notified the fbi but there was no name. >> they are looking at the surveillance video from inside the nightclub to see if there was an accomplish. >> the rainbow frag is at san francisco city hall. ed lee was there to host the event. the flag was moved to half- staff to honor all of those wounded or killed. he talked about the security at the pride events and he wants people time to look out for one another. >> we want to prevent anything from happening, one of the way is to announce we'll have a lot of people watching out for each other and the police. we want to activate everybody. >> this is the 46th year for pride events in san francisco.
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the big celebration is next weekend. we're talking about rain showers across the bay area. rainfall, scattered showers today. most of the action was in the north bay, you can see .31. cloverdale .21. you can see those ams tapering off. the satellite and the radar, look at the green showing up. the main focus is in the northern portions of the region, up toward cloverdale, clearlake, ukiah as well. back of the maps closer to the south, san francisco, fremont, mountain view. the bulk of the activity up
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north. mostly cloudy skies, scattered rain showers tonight and early tomorrow morning. here's the forecast model 6:00 a.m. showing the clouds. look at the afternoon hours, the skies partly cloudy and tomorrow will be warmer than today. warmer temperature in the five- day forecast, we'll have more coming up. big smiles at san quinten prison. >> my big boy. >> today kids got a chance to go inside the prison to see their dads just in time for fathers day. >> the warriors coach and steph covery -- you curry fined $25,000. and up next, president obama and his family are in california, the anniversary they will mark with a trip to
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. president obama request his oral daughter -- about his older daughter arrived today. they will travel to the park. president obama is expected to focus the need to preserve our countries national treasures in a speech. some visitors are hoping that the president's visit won't disrupt their vacation plans. >> people travel to see the beauty of yosemite. waterfalls. half dome, hiking trails. >> gorgeous -- i think it's exciting. >> i hope it doesn't cause problems, these are our parks and he's our president,
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hopefully he's sensitive to that. >> while crews are setting up for his speech, visitors hope his visit won't damper their plans. >> it's wonderful, it's poor timing for us. >> she's attending a wedding and hope crowds don't spoil the ceremony. >> or make it difficult to get groceries, i'm sure it will work out. >> a lot of people didn't know president obama was coming here to chris suchan, they southern california -- yosemite. last year the president launched every kid in the park initiative. yosemite was the fourth most visited national park. 4million people visiting this park each year. >> excited to hear he gets to
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be here. >> nun after spending the weekend at yosemite he will be pack in california on thursday and take part in a summit in san jose. on friday he plans to fly the seattle. california unemployment rate is at a nine year low. the jobless rate fell to 5.2% in may. that's down from april but above the national unemployment rate which was 4.7% in may. stocks finished lower dragged down by britain's possible exit from the european union. fathers day behind bars, we'll take you inside san quentin. . san francisco police
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released video of a stabbing suspect, we need you time to look at the video, man may strike again.
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. an attacker caught on camera. police hope this video will help identify this man who stunned someone outside a bar in san francisco. the attack was unprovoked. >> we're on 24th and irving street. that incident happened outside that bar. police have very little to go on except a start video that they want you time to look at. >> this short surveillance
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video shows the suspect. last friday investigators say this man in the video came up behind another person on the street, the suspect stabbed him and walked away. >> he wasn't trying to rob him, the victim was texting on his cell phone when the suspect approached him from behind. >> it happened outside dirty nelly's bar. people say it's a quiet area, and knew that a stabbing here is shocking. >> i was surprised, i've never had that happen. >> look at the suspect who is anation male, 5'6," 2150 pounds, navy blue jacket. he was wearing glasses, it's important to get him off the streets since the attack was unprovoked. >> it's important --
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unprovoked. it happened a week ago from today. this person may strike again. >> take one last look at the suspect, police say if you were in the area or if you know the suspect you're asked to give them a call. the victim suffered a punctured luck but he's -- lung but he's been released from the hospital. please announced -- police announced an arrest in the stabbing death. officers found larry stevey on the sidewalk on the sidewalk, he was pronounced dead. poot was arrested. a measure that would repeal the death penalty in california has qualified for the november ballot. if it passes the inmates on
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death row would have theirs and thes changed. -- sentences changed. all excuses are on hold. a second competing initiative to speed up executions is expected to be certified. >> father's day is this weekend, with that in mind, make inwhat it's like for children with when their dad is in prison. today children were allowed to spend the day with their dads. >> one by one the buses pass by the gates of san quinten, the buses filled with children seeing their dads for fath ires day. a 10-year-old boy waited patienty. >> i'm excited. i'm going to see my dad.
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>> it's been three years since fernando lopez, jr. last saw his father. >> can't wait until he comes out. he's going to take me to universal studios and other places. >> then his dad appeared. my big boy. young fernando's father is in his fifth year of a seven year stretch for assault with a deputy a deadly weapon. >> i'm learning about myself. >> more than 100 children and grandchildren made the trip. there's a lot of catching up to do. >> the visitations are made possible for the center for restore tiff justice. >> despite the crime, these children have a dad and they love daddy. >> anthony banks is seeing his
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grandson for the second time. >> it brings happiness, joy, makes me at peace. i haven't seen him in a long time. >> the toddler rode last night on a bus from southern california with his mother who was 16-year-old when his father was sent to prison on a robbery. >> i wasn't there for her, if i had a chance to do it over i wouldn't make those choices. >> these scenes have been playing out at prisons, children visiting their dads. >> going to tell him to be a good boy and go to school and hearn a -- learn a lot. >> love that story and that boy saying i'm going to see my dad.
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still to come, a rescue captured on camera. he pulls an unconscious man out of a car. we're going to hear from him coming up. in weather tracking unusual june rain, coming up we'll let you know if the showers stick around. and the hottest day of the weekend, when neighborhoods could approach 100 degrees. intense firefight in southern california, the fire has burned thousands of acres.
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. tire crews are slowly making progress on the fire. the sherpa fire burned 6,000- acres and 20% contained. so far the names have destroyed one outbuilding but dozens of homes are threatened. some residents are refusing to leave. >> it's smoky and scary, very scary. >> but you stayed. >> we stayed. >> residents are warned about air quality. fly to 50-mile-an-hour winds are fanning the flames. >> firefighters made quick work
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of a 12-acre fire in the north bay. it burned 2 miles north of st. helena. >> a jury heard opening statements in the case against pg&e stemming from the san pruneo pipeline explosion -- bruno. the explosion killed eight people, injured more and destroyed 38 homes. they had accused of violating safety regulations and withholding information. the company pleaded not guilty. if convicted think could face more than half a billion dollars in fines. a trial date said for the map accused of kidnapping and killing a teenager. torres learned that his murder trial will start august 1. in the mean time the supreme court
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-- superior court young has much to deal with. garcia torres is charged in the death of sierra lamar. she was last seen at a bus stop. dna evidence proves that or theez lured the girl into his car. john burris filed a claim against san francisco on behalf of the family of a man who was carrying a large knife when he was shot and killed. he had the knife in his waistband and playing with a soccer ball. when he didn't comply officers first fired nonheathal shot gun beanbags. he then lunged at officers and that's when they shot and killed him. >> as if a person has a knife it's a death warrant that's been signed on them.
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it doesn't matter what they did, what they were doing before, the fact they had a knife is a basis to use deadly force. >> burris will ask for a federal investigation into the matter to see if there's a pattern of abusive power by san francisco police. i was thinking it was going to blow up. >> quick thinking saves a bay area man's life. mark is tracking a warmup. he's back with the forecast. he forecast. today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. does it come in a california king?
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. this. >> something. that map is pulling a nearly up conscious person out of a burning mall. it happened in a strip mall. ann rubin spoke with the man who's called a hero. she hassle that shows the rescue from another perspective. >> on his way to lunch he saw the smoke licing from the car -- licing from the car. >> i wasn't sure what i saw. i saw a leg. >> while others wanted he lushed to the burning car dragging out a man. >> you're not thinking, you're concentrating on the fire. i was thinking it's going blow up. >> the rescue is captured from
10:45 pm
two angles. you can see how quickly the car became engulfed. >> by the time the firefighters came the car was on fire. it was seconds. >> the man in the car, was intoxicated. they believe the quick thinking likely saved his hive. >> we want to give him a acomdation. >> great, why not. i don't mind. >> he appreciates the thought, though he shied away from the term hero. >> hero is a big word. you have to do something magnificent. this was the light thing to do. >> i didn't think twice. he needed help. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of dui and arson. he believes damage to the bank
10:46 pm
was his neglects and. mid-june, we're tracking stub on ordinary rain showers -- stubborn rain showers, right now the focus is up in the north bay, you can see on live storm tracker two. this looks like late february, march, a band of moisture, you can see moving into this portion of the bay area, sonoma county. there's the coverage with the rainfall showing up from santa rosa to ukiah, solid area of green, even heavier down pours near clearlake and hidden valley lake. lots of clouds and there's enough moisture for a few sprinkles in the bay area.
10:47 pm
the key question, when us the it en. early tomorrow morning. that rain band will lift out to the north and the east. here's our live camera. looking toward san francisco, mostly cloudy skies, the low clouds off in the distance. fog and higher clouds. over night lows in the 50s. the sky conditions will change. 7:00 a.m., in the mid-50s. scale back on the clouds by 12:00. sunny skies by 4:00. 67 degrees, winds pick up near the coast and the bay, topping 20, approaching 25 miles an hour. the weather system producing showers today. for tomorrow skies becoming partly sunny, this big area of high pressure building this.
10:48 pm
this will warm up the temperature on sunday and hot temperature inland. warmest locations in the upper 90s. get ready for the warmup. the warming continues into sunday. by monday we have the microclimate. low 70s for san francisco, warmes in locations like liver more. santa rosa 79. and fremont 76. here's a look ahead the five- day forecast, fathers day and it will be warmer on sunday. temperature in the lower 90s. that's the warmest day of the weekend. beaches adopted warm up too much. summer begins monday afternoon. if you don't like the heat you will like wednesday and thursday. >> what a spread, between the coast and inland.
10:49 pm
the nba dishes out fines against the warriors, we'll hear from steve kerr and steph curry. and look at that, check out who's back in the bay area, that's tim linscomb, but it was the a's that had the curtain call tonight.
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. it's been a series with the warriors, but nothing is better than a game 7. >> it would be, flat hours from now will know. sit courtside at game 7 or put a down payment on the house. the best tickets going for more than $50,000 a piece. remember if you sit that close you may catch steph curry's mouth piece. is steph fined 25 k. for throwing the mouth guard into the seats. he's furious about the officiating as was the coach. seven kerr fined $25,000. despite the drama the warriors like their chances of pulling this out. >> it's frustrating, but the
10:53 pm
work we've put in and the opportunity we've given ourselves, with a game 7 to win the finals at home you have to be excited about that regardless of how the 2 games went into if you start out every seven say we get 1 game at home to win the nba championship, i'll take it. i can't wait for sunday, i think we'll be fine. >> jeff is the shark, not horse. you expect him to pitch more than 5 innings. today staying power not an issue. pride night with a tribute to the orlando shooting victims. 1st inning brandon crawford, that will play, with two outs. double scores brandon belt and buster posey. the giants take the 2-0 lead. in the 4th, blanco just got
10:54 pm
enough of it. crawford in. pagan in. same-sex marriagea deal -- southern california margea dialing. belt at the other end. and doing it with the bat as well. insurance, his ninth home run of the season. 5-1 the final. giants have won 6 straight. there's going to be a lot of bad blood between the a'sand angels. they play six of the next 9 games against each other. there's tim linscomb. los angeles angel. he will pitch tomorrow. as for tonight kole calhoun. it's kuhn-1. chris davis
10:55 pm
matching the baseball. solo homer for davis. 16 long balls on the year. 9th inning. naveh, into right. smell envy -- smolinski a diving catch. this ends the ball game, or does it. he didn't catch it, he trapped it. a single to naveh. now a sac fly ties the game. billy burns, the game is over. and the a's tradition a walk off getting you chased by your teammates, a pie and a gatorade bath. more laughs at wrigley, the cubs and the pirates. it an annual tradition. a fan catches a foul ball with the beer cup and drinks the
10:56 pm
beer. when you pay $12 an beer you drink it. >> dustin johnson, sergio garcia, lee westwood in the top 30. they've won 30 majors. they make up half of the top six. weather better day too at oakmont. how about sergio, played the back nine first. from 50 feet away. garcia finished with a 70, 2- under, johnson for a share of the lead on six. he's tied -- tied at 4-under. a lot more golf to be played saturday and sunday. >> the big deal sunday night. game 7. see you hater everyone, go warriors. ly sweaters?
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